We provide premium grass reared Aberdeen Angus cattle and Suffolk X lamb from a closed heard and flock. 

We take biosecurity and animal health very seriously, and our full policies can be found by clicking here:

If you would like to be supplied with great quality products, give us a call so we can arrange a livestock and farm visit.

Aberdeen Black Angus cows:

 Why did we chose to breed Aberdeen Angus? First of all the animals are very docile and a pleasure to work with. so our ideal for our smallholding courses and campers. 


They are also easy calvers and great mums, requiring little farmer input.  

Angus cattle are able to be reared and finished on grass only, removing the need for cereal feeds. This not only reduce costs but also our carbon footprint. 

The beef itself is considered "premium" and its beautiful marbling gives it a succulent taste like no other. 

Suffolk X lambs:

The Suffolk is a British breed, originating in the late eighteenth century in the county of Suffolk as a result of cross-breeding Norfolk Horn ewes to improved Southdown rams. It is a polled, black-faced breed, and is raised primarily for its meat

Our Suffolks are crossed with the French Charollais breed to improve the hardiness and vigour of the lambs.

Our crosses have strong feet and disease resistance with very low levels of lameness and infections. 

Their robustness means they can be left to lamb outside all year reducing workload, expenses and improving heard health. 

Other Livestock:

We have a small selection of varied poultry for egg and meat production. More details coming soon. 


We have two Saddleback sows for a small outdoor reared pork production. More details coming soon.  


We are currently looking for the right goat breed for meet production. 

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