Organic Farming:

Here at Élevage Jolivet, we have decided to farm organically (in conversion). With our purely outdoor farming system, choice of livestock and land conditions the jump to full organic was quite an easy one. We understand however, that with other breeds, production systems and ground conditions the jump to organic may not be possible. A very high level of environmental protection and animal welfare can be achieved in non-organic farms. We fully support our farming colleagues who chose not to farm organically. 

The EU regulations on organic farming can be found here: 

Above and beyond good welfare and environmental standards, in organic farming we chose to:

  • Only use natural products. This means we cannot use herbicides and artificial fertilisers on our fields. We also cannot use genetically modified feed for our livestock.

  • Young animals should be fed on maternal milk only. 

  • No food additives may be added to our meat for re-sale. 

Organic farming is a great production system for smallholders and can be learned on our smallholding courses. 


article 14 (ii) of the EU regulation on organic farming state: "chemically synthesised allopathic veterinary medicinal products including antibiotics may be used where necessary and under strict conditions, when the use of phytotherapeutic, homeopathic and other products is inappropriate."

Here at Élevage Jolivet we do not support or condone the use of homeopathic medicine in any instances. We therefore interprete article 14 (ii) that the use of homeopathic products is inappropriate in all instances and will therefore never be tried. Phytotherapeutic products will only be tried if prescribed by a fully licenced veterinary surgeon. 

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