"Engaging title goes here"... Mmmm.. does it? ok ermmm..

"Starting writing your post here"... Oh wait... Ok Hello! So here we are. The first blog post. It is long overdue as the farm officially started on the 1st September. We have been keeping our Facebook page and twitter account up to date but have failed to find the time for the blog. But we promise we will now be posting at least weekly. So what has been happening so far? Let’s bring you all up to speed. In the first few weeks a lot of our time was spent on making the farmhouse liveable. Those few weeks were quite tough! But as the electrics switched on, the heater gurgled into life, the hot water spewed out and the internet linked up things got easier. By no means is the house all beautiful inside (there is still a lot of 1970s wallpaper to tear down) but it is cosy, warm and a place we can call home. Next we kitted out the farm office, pinned maps of the fields on the walls and found a notepad to start making a workplan. The highlight of the early days was setting up our workshop. Sorting tools and arranging, re-arranging and re-re-re-arranging tools in all sorts of ways until we were happy everything was just right. Unpacking all the new toys we had bought and setting them up, ready for work was also rather satisfying. we don’t want to talk in clichés… but it was like the best birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. Is that a clichés? we’re not sure. You guys let us know. The great clear out came next. Weeks on end of going through barns, land and every nook and crannies of the farm clearing out decades of rubbish, old chemicals and scrap metal. I kept as much to reuse as possible, but let’s just say we were not allowed to return to the local tip for some time! We are still waiting for delivery of our field equipment, but the two tractors have been serviced and are ready to go to work as soon as it all arrives. It is getting very late in the year now, so we are cutting it a bit fine. We will see, way may have to wait until spring now to really put the fields back in shape. Whilst we are waiting we have mostly been working on clearing the route for the nature walk and we are in the process of clearing out a lovely water source, that will either be very useful for watering our cows or will be a great spot for wildlife finding. Most exiting of all, however is that the farm dog has arrived! Dolly has come from a rescue centre as a 7 year old abandoned hunting dog. She has settled in very well and spend her day sleeping on the bed next two the cat. Sometimes we are convinced the two of them are in a snoring competition. Finally for this blog post we can announce the arrival of our first livestock… Hazel, Fern and Rose the chickens. They have produced our first farm product.. One egg. Eggciting times! Thanks for joining us and stay awesome.

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