FIRE! (Salamander)

There are many aspects of farming and living in the country that excite me and make me feel all fuzzy inside. These include new life, from calving and lambing or driving a tractor with a perfectly worked field behind and a warm autumn sunset to the front. To me however, finding new wildlife is always the highlight of my day. This autumn, discovering new mushrooms has been particularly fascinating.

However last night, whilst on a walk in a dark rainy wood I discovered something that I have never seen before. Well that is not exactly true. Over the last few days, I had found a couple of dead ones on the road, but on this walk I found a live one. It was beautiful. It is called a Fire Salamander. And it was simply awesome to observe as it waddled along. what was most amusing is that in torch light it would stay perfectly still, then once the torch was turned off he would move along and freeze once again when the light was back on. It was just like he was playing a kids game that I remember from my childhood (that nobody can remember the name of, so that's not a great analogy). Anyways, if I spot new wildlife I will make sure to post it. If you want to see all the wildlife we see at the farm then check out our website at

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