The waiting game

Let's get straight to what I know is most important to you all... How is Dolly doing after coming back from her 10 day escapade? Well, she is doing great! It has been an absolute joy having her back and I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual. Her favourite times of day are now morning and evenings.

Mornings as she gets very excited for her long morning walk through the woods. Snow does not seem to slow her down, and it always makes me smile when I see her walking around with a little white nose of snow.

Evening is also her favourite because she knows it's my bed time, and bed time means cuddle time. She races me to the bed and waits for me there for her evening cuddle. Problem is, she does not yet understand that if she wants her cuddle, she needs to leave me some bed and some access to the duvet!

In other news, I hope you have all been watching our first video on our brand new YouTube channel. This was my first attempt at this... and well, it shows. We are planning to upload one video a week, so please subscribe to the channel, Just look us up on YouTube. I have already learned a lot from the first video and I promise a much slicker, professional video next week. I have got the hang of the camera, the editing software and having watched myself, I now know what to do to present better. The next video will be on pasture and grass assessment for beginners. It will be of particular interest for those who plan to, or have a smallholding, but I think it should be informative and entertaining for everyone.

As for the rest of the farm, like the title say, it's a waiting game. Followers on Twitter and Facebook will know it has been snowing down here. After all my equipment delivery last week I was really hoping to start working on the fields ASAP but its just not possible. The tractor is all hitched up and ready to go, but I just have to wait for the snow to melt and the ground to dry or I will just be farming mud from now on. I am hopeful for next week. I see long days ahead, but at least I will be sitting in a heated comfortable tractor. Until then, out of boredom and slight paranoia I just keep checking the tractors: battery level, coolant levels, oil levels, tyre pressures and so on.. and nothing changes, everything remains in perfect working order. So the minute the fields are dry, I am out there, starting with flail mowing (getting rid of long grass ferns and brambles).

On a final note, I have found some photos from the autumn of Katy, Howard and I working on clearing a spring source that I had not published. The job is almost done, and with the snow starting to melt, it is really filling up now! For some reason it had been filled in with fallen trees and debris many years ago and had turned into a mud puddle. Now it is looking like a great little pond of fresh water, that will either be useful for filling my water bowser for the cattle or a great little wildlife area. I have already spotted a number of frogs swimming around! I very much did enjoy watching Katie getting stuck in the mud many times as she tried to bail out the mud by bucket! She was more smelly than ever that night!

Ow and also a photo of Dolly telling me it's walk time! Because I know you all love photos of Dolly. right that is it for this blog, catch you all on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and our website at

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