It’s raining sideways and bed is good.

As I am writing this week’s blog I am laying in bed. Dolly dog on one side and Annie cat on the other. Both are fast asleep snoring away. As I look out the window, I can see the big pine trees swaying in the wind and it’s raining sideways. A lot! It is raining so much in fact I keep losing my satellite internet connection and the chickens are refusing to come out. It is the same forecast for tomorrow at least. It is very relaxing however, laying in an early 1800 house with your pets at your feet, looking out the old wooden window at the horrible weather outside.

So anyways, the tractors are back in the barns, and with this amount of water falling from the sky, even if it clears up in a couple of days that is probably it, field work wise, until I come back after my break in England over Christmas. It was always going to be difficult to get all the field work done in winter rather then autumn, but we will get there and have amazing pastures ready for our animals in late spring.

Since the snow had cleared last week I had managed to get on and work a few fields. They are looking amazing already, even though there is plenty more work to do. It was really tough going due to their state and the equipment is taking quite a beating, especially the flail mower. I had to be on constant watch for stones and rocks as I made my way through thick grass, brambles and ferns. On top of that, as the ground had never been rolled I had to constantly lift and lower the mower to allow for the rough ground. Very tiring work, having to look forward for rocks (and the end of the field) and back to make sure the mower was always at the right height! Still once all the initial clearing work is complete and the pastures are back at their best, maintaining them will be very quick, easy and a lot more enjoyable.

Finally we got our second YouTube video out. The videos are on the right track to become more professional each time. This one is nearly 30 min long, and allows you to gain a good background knowledge on how to get your pastures up to scratch. I would like to think the video might be quite interesting for even those of you that do not want to get your own fields, but want to know more about the kind of work that goes into making these grasslands work. So check out the video, and don’t forget to like it and subscribe.

Ow, and for those not in the know, a flail mower is a mower that cuts grass, brambles and ferns by pulverising them, The debris it creates then remains on the ground to rot down and act as fertiliser. So now you know! Don't forget if you want to come and join us on the farm Autumn 2018 check out our website at

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