Welcome to 2018

It’s 2018! The start of a whole new year.

I’m spending this afternoon in the cosiness of the house as the wind blows the heavy rain sideways onto the windows. Katie and Howard are sitting opposite under a duvet (I am not sure they have gotten used to the temperature inside the house yet)! After a long walk in the rain and a few hours tending to the bonfire this morning, on top of all the work yesterday, it is nice to be sitting indoors for the afternoon. Cheese and hot soup for lunch has our clothe dry on the heaters make it hard to stay awake though…

Not much has been going on at the farm over the last couple of weeks. Dolly and I took a trip to England to spend Christmas with Katie and the family. Dolly slept through pretty much the whole journey and coped very well living in the UK and meeting lots of people for the first time, although the excitement when she got back home was clear to see as she ran all over the house wagging her tail before jumping onto the bed.

Christmas was great fun and the presents excellent. A wheelbarrow, slippers and pyjamas where the highlights. It is a very warming feeling putting on slippers after coming home after a day working outside. The wheelbarrow has been used already to shift logs around, and the pyjamas make getting out of bed in the morning much easier.

Katie and Howard have been working hard whilst down here in France to spend the new year. This week we have cleared the entrance to every field so all can now be accessed with the larger tractor and all the equipment. All the waste wood has been collected from around the farm and put in one place and we have made a good start at burning it all. Luckily, on New Years eve we had bright sunshine and temperatures of 17.5 degrees. A nice change from the minus temperatures we have been getting in the last couple of month. It was, of course, followed by the heavy rain and strong winds of today. New years was celebrated with a bonfire, dinner, mulled wine and homemade Christmas pudding. Unfortunately after all the hard work of the day none of us managed to stay awake until midnight.

It has been great to be with everyone over the last two weeks and its going to be a tough 5 weeks on my own until I get to spend time with Katie again. Still, all the animals will be here to keep me company.

In other news, Toby, the stray cat has, for some reason, fallen in love with Dolly and follows her everywhere. Not yet sure whether Dolly likes the attention or not. I think “ tolerates” is the best way to describe it.

Looking to the next few weeks, we already have a few videos filmed for our YouTube channel that just need to be edited together before posting. Some, like our product reviews, are designed to be of interest to smallholders and farmers, but we have a couple of other videos coming that should be interesting for everyone.

Finally we will soon be announcing a great investment opportunity. Forget low return savings accounts, high risk bitcoins, and share portfolios where keeping tracks of your investment can be challenging. We will be offering the chance to invest in cows! A safe, good returns and most importantly ethical investment where you know exactly what your money is involved in (including monthly newsletters and videos on the welfare of your cow and calf). But, more information coming in the next few month.

It is 17:15 now, time to walk Dolly and put the chickens back in their house. See you all soon.

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