README.TXT (& a bit of shameless advertising)

Today, I am just going to start by saying thank you again to all you guys reading the blogs, watching our videos, and commenting on our Facebook and Twitter pages. It's great that you are all sticking with us as we progress with our project. I promise as the farm develops, the content will get better and better!

It's a short blog this week, because, well, it's still very much winter and so, not much is going on! I could talk about the weather again, but I think that might be a bit to... British, so we will leave it there.

We do have a YouTube video on the way for this week. I can safely say it is something completely different to the content we have produced before. Some of you will find it very interesting, others will find it very boring. But don't worry, we will return to agricultural videos next week. If you do enjoy the video however, and it drives enough traffic to our YouTube channel there is no reasons why we can't do more like it in the future. Maybe even on a dedicated YouTube channel. It was a bit of an experiment so we will see. The README.TXT in the title should give a clue as to what kind of domain the video resides.

Now on to the shameless advertising - Our brochure for our smallholding courses & working farm holidays is done. You can download it by clicking here. Have a read through, look at the cool pictures, decide it sounds like it would be an awesome week, call your friends then call us and book!

We also have our brochure for our new Cattle Investment Scheme. Yeap, that's right, you can invest in a cow (or many cows)! We offer great returns, lots of goodies and cool benefits. It's a very ethical, transparent way to invest your money and it is also great fun!

Imagine yourself, sitting in the pub with your mates. Dave is droning on about his quite frankly terrible 1.2% interest on his super special, bank manager recommended, savings account, Derick chips in, and tries to explain to everyone what is bitcoin crypto blabla currency investment actually is. Trust me, Derick does not know what it is! Nor does Derick really know if he has made or lost money in the last 10 seconds, the bitcoin market is so volatile. John has a portfolio of shares in insurance companies, properties, etc. He has lost track a bit to be honest, he could be investing in a kitten culling cult for all he knows!

Then it's your turn. They are looking at you as Dave asks: "What about you? You investing in anything at the moment?"

You smile and reply: "Yeap, I have invested in a cow! I call her Penelope, she makes me 10% return a year. Check out this video of her she is really funny! her calf weighs 350kg don't you know."

Dave looks at you, with a hint of sadness in is eyes and quietly states: "I want a cow... I would call her Clarise".

Derick: "Bettie"

John: "Gertie"

If you want to find out more about this great investment opportunity, click here to download the brochure!

That's it for this week's blog. See you at the next one, and remember to stay awesome (investing in cows and going on farming holidays is a great way to be awesome).

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