Nature has a spring in its step…

It’s not spring yet… But nearly… only 3 days left of winter. The -12 degrees of February seem far away now, and although the mornings and evenings are still cold, the afternoons are usually lovely (a contrast to the snow covered UK right now). The grass is starting to look greener, and the wildlife starting to wake up a little. I have seen a few bees now, and butterflies. I can hear more and more birds singing, and I can definitely sense more activity in the deep pine woods as critters start to wake up and wonder around! I saw a snake last week, going for a drink after it’s hibernation, but unfortunately I didn’t have my camera on me. I am still desperate to see a wild boar, I have seen their markings in the fields, and I have heard them squeal, but still not been able to see one. I think I will try and set up my time-lapse camera in the woods to see what we get.

With the winter being slowly left behind, The work on the farm will be able to start properly again. The first priority will be to finish the flail topping of all the fields I could not finish before winter set in. This should be well underway and near finished by the end of next week. We then need to start doing all the other spring field work; slitting, rolling and harrowing. Reseeding and fertilising is for the autumn this year. Over the next month, a lot of time is going to be spent in the tractor. That’s ok, worse places to be. Sitting high in the cab, with the sun shining through, watching the wildlife go by, The diesel fumes slowly sending you to a gentle sleep…. Only joking of course, although, when that sun is coming through the windscreen and with the low rumble of the engine, Sitting in an armchair of a seat, it can be hard to stay awake.

Easter holidays are coming and are bringing with them Katie and family. Our project for the two weeks is to get the garden going. At the moment it is just an area of wild grass, but we are going to grow vegetables, fruits and of course lots of flowers. The garden is the first part of the farm that customers will notice when they arrive, so it is important to make it look stunning, we also want to make sure we grow delicious vegetables to feed our customers. Katie has already got it all planned out!

Luckily (although I did not think that when I was shoveling it all), the barn had not been cleared out in a number of decades and was full of lovely manure. This is now all in a pile in the garden, ready to be spread!

And that is about it for this week. I am now off to the shops to get some breakfast cereals, as Dolly dog was very naughty and ate my entire family pack of Weetabix!

Ow, and before I go, since spring is on it’s way, the chickens have really started laying now. I am inundated with eggs. Any ideas what I can make with them? What uses a lot of eggs?

PS: Dolly has now eaten half a cake......

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