Welcome home Katie

So of course the highlight of this week is that Katie is back. Hurray! For those who don’t know, Katie is still working in the UK for now whilst I get the farm basics started. So, she pops down to the farm as often as she can, but it does mean we are normally apart for around 5-6 weeks at a time. I don’t want to come across all sentimental on you guys, but it can be quite difficult at times. It doesn’t help that the telephony at the farm is so… lets say… intermittent, or more appropriately F****ing s**t ****u****x**@~#!!!!!!!!!!!! When we are apart our phone conversations often go a little like this:



“Can you hear me?”


“I can’t hear you”

“I’ll ring back later”

You get the idea... Anyways, this week she is back, which is great in itself, but her return also gives me an excuse to buy all the lovely Easter chocolates and goodies from the bakery (for her obviously, it’s not my fault she insists on sharing :-P). The old traditions in France are not only chocolate eggs, but chocolate bells, chocolate fish and biscuit chickens on a stick as well. I have also managed to find one of my childhood favorites, small sugar eggs filled with liqueur. This has been one of the great things about being back in France; finding so many old favorites I had forgotten about over the last 20 years. It is nice to be back, and all my favorite traditions are still the same. I had assumed that they had all disappeared by now, since I had not come across any in England. It's funny how traditions and even sweets can be so different between two countries so close geographically.

Anyways, with Katie back (with her dad and sister), it also means we can get lots of work done. She has bought with her a whole lot of seeds so we can get the garden started. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, the garden is important from a customer's point of view.

We are going to be filming our progress through next week in our first attempt at a vlog for the channel. It will make a nice change from filming tractors going around in circles! Honestly though, those videos of tractors are really popular on the channel! well, that is about it for this week. Only a short blog this time, but I have a lot of catching up to do with Katie. I will get back to you guys next week, with an update on how our garden is getting on. Stay awesome, and don’t forget to come and visit us on one of our smallholding courses or working farm holidays.

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