The heat is off… But still not rain.

So I went to check the animals this morning and their was ice in their water! Crazy to think that just a few days ago it was 25 degrees. I must say it is so nice to finally have a bit of fresh weather. This summer has been unbelievably hot and dry. I can count on one hand the number of times it has rained since the beginning of June.

It is starting to feel a little like winter. The strong breeze rustling through the trees today was refreshing and created little whirlwinds of orange leaves (it did make forking hay quite difficult however, as it all blew back in my face each time). I also love working outside when the sun is low in the sky, it creates an atmosphere that can only be felt at winter’s doorstep. The sky has been full of thousands of geese, flying in their perfect formations, starting their migration south. Waves after waves of them, heard before they are seen.

The heat might be gone, but there is still no sign of rain whatsoever. None at all. The grass is gone for all the local farmers. There has been hotter summers before, but never such a long dry spell. Hay will soon be at a premium, and sadly, I think this drought may bring many farmers to the end. Worryingly, this drought has been a near global event; affecting the whole of Europe and Australia. I am worried what the future holds for food production in such a changing climate.

On a lighter note. We now have our first pigs who have settled in well. Beth and Jenna are extremely friendly and playful. The first attempt at creating a wallow was on the comical side, as expecting it to be big enough for two pigs, we watched just the one pig, lay across with back feet and head sticking out of either end, looking rather disappointed with us. We quickly got to work to enlarge it. She then refused to lay in it for 4 days, as we impatiently watched, to get the satisfaction of a job well done. Luckily, just as our customers who dug her wallow were about to leave after their week with us, Jenna decided to embrace fully the muddy wallow and rolled around in the murky water, grunting with joy!

The cows had visitors last week, as we ran one of our smallholding courses. I am happy to say the cows behaved admirably and welcomed the visitors with open arms. Talking of the cows, they are definitely aware winter is on its way as their coat is growing longer and fuller. This temperature drop now also means they are drinking a lot less. Which is great, because bringing them water was taking a big part of my day, and with the river dried up, it had to come from the meter!

Anyways, that is it for this blog. Stay awesome and will catch you all soon.

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